About Us

Our company, which has been operating in the manufacturing sector since 2004, has always followed the developing technologies and innovations.

Our Basic Principle in every product we produce is to bring our production range to the highest level by emphasizing customer satisfaction and acting sensitively in eliminating our deficiencies.
In this context, in 2019, with 100% domestic production, Garden furniture types, swing types, flowerpot types, bookcase types, table coffee table types, chairs, bunk beds and the combination of wood and metal, by increasing our production diversity, we realize this deficiency in our country and increase the diversity in this product range. .
Our goal is to produce the most beautiful, the most useful and the longest-lasting by acting sensitively as if we are producing it ourselves. We know that the efforts of each of our customers are valuable to us.
That's why we want to turn our customers' dreams into reality. We are always happy. Because we are in the good wishes, wishes and prayers of our customers in every product we produce.

We love our job..

Ertuğrul YAVUZ

Our Values

It is a young and dynamic company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and is open to improvement and development.

Our Mission

To stand by its customers with its extensive sales channels, rich and high quality technological product range and quality services.

Our Vision

To maintain its leadership in the geographies where it operates with its “Innovative” and “Differential” quality products and services.