Technicial Specifications

As a result of our R&D activities under the supervision of our engineers, we pay attention to the following.

We use CE certified products in accordance with European Standards. All of our products are TSE certified.

Our fabrics are TSE and Ce certified water repellent fabric. Fabric weight is 260 gr.

The aluminum thickness of our garden furniture is 1.2-1.5 mm. between.

We use 28 dns- soft sponges for sponges. This prolongs the crash time of the session.

We use 1st class rattan that is resistant to sun, snow, rain and is not produced from recycling and UV rays.

All of our rattan braids are made by hand.

We make our rattan braids on an aluminum body, not metal.

Why do we weave rattan on Aluminum?

  • The risk of rusting is eliminated.
  • lighter material
  • More healthy
  • More durable and long life


Paint work (Oven paint)

We ensure that the paint adheres well and has a long life by washing with special techniques before painting. We clean the material from oil and dirt.

We use Electrostatic Powder paint. We use baking so that the paint is longer lasting and more resistant to external factors.


Fabric Specifications

All of our fabrics are lined and zippered.

It can be removed and washed in the washing machine.

It is resistant to water and UV rays.


Ease of Use and Durability

Our products are ergonomic.
Made of lightweight materials.

It's long-lived.

The independent tempered glass we use on the table offers its sets a garden furniture experience that you can use for years.

All our garden furniture and swing products are suitable for outdoor use.

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